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Dubai: The Egyptian Criminal Court in Luxor on Wednesday sentenced a man to death for burying his wife alive, local media reported.

The court convicted the man of premeditated murder of his wife.

In its ruling the court found the defendant guilty of killing his wife intentionally. According to court papers and evidence, the convict planned for killing his wife and digged a hole in their house to bury her body.

On the day of the crime, he tied her arms and feet, strangled her and pushed her into the hole while she was still alive.

The horrific crime happened in Al Bayadiya in Southern Luxor in March 2020. The crime was discovered after the victim’s family lodged a complaint, accusing the husband of murdering their daughter due to frequent marital disputes.

The Luxor police station launched an intensive search and investigation that led to discovering the victim’s body in the hole. She was found dead with her feet and hands tied up.