Police line
Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Dubai: A 15-year-old Egyptian girl has been reported to have organised a fatal gas explosion, resulting in the death of her father. The shocking incident took place in Atfih, Giza Governorate.

Media reports revealed that the girl deliberately released gas from a cylinder and, as her father proceeded to light a cigarette, a fire erupted, killing him instantly. In the aftermath, the teenager fled the location.

Authorities, suspecting a malicious intent behind the act, embarked on an extensive search operation.

As the investigation progressed, the young girl admitted her involvement in the tragic incident. She unveiled a troubling backstory, citing her father’s substance abuse struggles and history of domestic violence.

The teen narrated her life post her parents’ separation, highlighting that she was left alone with her abusive father, while her mother had previously been a repeated victim of his physical assaults.