Veteran Egyptian actor Al Montasser Billah died today aged 70. Image Credit: Facebook

Cairo: Veteran Egyptian actor, Al Montasser Billah, known for his comic roles, died today aged 70, the Egyptian actors’ union said.

He passed away in a hospital in the Egyptian Mediterranean city of Alexandria after a long struggle against illness.


In 2008, Al Montasser Billah suffered a stroke that disrupted his career. He will be buried tomorrow, according to head of the actors’ union Ashraf Zaki.

He had launched a career in the early 1970s and soon became one of Egypt’s most popular comedians.

He performed in dozens of stage shows, films and TV drama. His most memorable roles were in the stage hits “Mohammed Ali St”, starring acting legend Farid Shawki; and “For the Sake of Your Eyes” featuring great comedian Fouad Al Mohandes. He also played the villain in the popular TV serial “Arabesque” shown in 1994.