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Dubai: An Egyptian woman has allegedly buried her husband alive with the help of her lover, who is her husband’s friend, local media reported.

The shocking crime, which has taken place in Dakahlia Governorate, came to light when the woman reported to the police that her 42-year-old husband has gone missing, and claimed that someone had called her asking for a ransom.

After a thorough investigation, the police managed to identify the alleged kidnapper who turned out to be a smith residing in the same area where the husband used to live. He was also a friend of both the victim and his wife.

Upon his arrest, the suspect admitted to killing his friend, saying that his wife knows about it and wanted to get rid of her husband due to his mistreatment of her and marry him.

He told the police that on the fateful day, he lured his friend to a place under the pretext of excavating antiquities. Upon their arrival at the land that smith owns, he gave his friend a bottle of juice mixed with narcotic pills. After the victim drank the juice, he fell unconscious.

The accused said that he, along with her lover, dumped the victim into the hole he dug and buried him alive. He told police about the location of the corpse, which was found in a decomposed state, given that the crime took place nearly two months ago.

According to sources, the victim’s wife admitted to taking part in the crime, and that she informed authorities about his absence to divert suspicion from herself. She and the killer were both arrested and referred to the Public Prosecution.