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Dubai: A volunteer muezzin was brutally murdered by two individuals in Alexandria, Egypt, shortly after Taraweeh prayers at the Mohammad Hassan Mosque, according to local media.

The perpetrators committed the heinous act because the victim had prevented their father from calling the Adhan.

The victim, Sheikh Hassan Al Koumi, was a volunteer muezzin at a mosque located in the Wardian area of Alexandria. The police were alerted soon after the incident, and the perpetrators were arrested and confessed to the crime. The two admitted that their father had complained about the muezzin, and they had committed the murder in response.

Eyewitnesses reported that the victim, Sheikh Hassan Al Koumi, was a beloved member of the community. He had refused to let the perpetrators’ father call the Maghrib and Isha prayers during the second day of Ramadan, which caused him to leave the mosque before Taraweeh prayer and complain to his sons.

Upon hearing their father’s complaint, the sons went to meet the muezzin, and a brawl ensued, which led to the perpetrators stabbing the victim to death. The Directorate of Endowments in Alexandria confirmed that the victim was not an accredited muezzin from the Endowments and was not affiliated with the directorate. However, he was a local person who used to call the Adhan for people and lead them in some prayers.