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An Egyptian man killed his friend after he dreamed he informed police against him. Image Credit: iStockphoto

Cairo: An Egyptian man, illegally trading in antiquities, has said he killed a friend after he had dreamed of him informing police against him in a province north of Cairo, a local newspaper reported today.

The suspect, now in custody, told investigators that his friend had threatened to tell police about his unlawful trade unless he gave him one million Egyptian pounds. “After this threat, I dreamed of him informing police against me. So, I killed him,” the suspect said, according to Al Watan newspaper.

He admitted to having lured him to show up to get the money and slaughtered him before tying up his body and throwing it in a drainage ditch in the province of Sharqia with assistance of five accomplices.

The self-confessed killer said he had joined the victim’s family in searching for him and when his decomposed body was later found, he attended his funeral, according to the report.

Local prosecutors have ordered all suspects be remanded for four days pending further interrogation on charges of premeditated murder.