181201 Rania Yousuf
Rania Yousuf Image Credit: AFP

Abu Dhabi: Egyptian actress Rania Yousuf’s donation of her organs after death has sparked controversy on social media in Egypt, after some users accused a famous doctor of harassment, local media reported.

A post by Dr. Sameh Ghazi, an anatomist and a YouTuber who produces videos to train medical students, has garnered thousands of likes.

The comment, which was described as “inappropriate”, has spread widely across Twitter and Facebook.

In response to these accusations, the famous doctor said he meant the comments as a joke..

Dr. Ghazy said he deleted the comment an hour after posting it.

“I was kidding and did not intend to offend anyone, and I was surprised by the attack on me, and that the topic was misinterpreted,” he said on his Facebook account.

He said he was ready to apologise to actress Youssef, in case she was upset with the comment or misunderstood it.

“My comment was of a medical nature about autopsy,” he added.

Earlier, Yousuf announced her consent to donate her organs after her death, stressing that she had documented this in her will.

The actress said in a televised interview, that she had written her will nearly seven years ago, but added the organ donation to its clauses.