One of the clips removed from the baby. Image Credit: Al

Cairo: A medical team at a state-run hospital in Egypt removed curtain clips from a baby’s esophagus and stomach, local media reported.

The three-month-old boy was admitted into the University Pediatrics Hospital in the provincial city of Mansoura after his mother had reported that the baby’s sister aged three years had placed the clips inside his mouth, while the woman was away, Al reported.

Abdomen imaging showed presence of clips inside the child’s esophagus and stomach, raising fears the sharp metals could have injured their walls. But a CT scan proved there were no injuries.


Ensuing surgery removed five clips, each 3 centimeres long, according to the report.

“This is one of difficult cases in view of the child’s age and presence of several sharp clips that need a high skill in extracting them,” said Dr Mohammad Ezz, the head of the Digestive System Unit at the hospital.

The baby is in good health after the procedure, semi-official news portal Akhbar Al Youm quoted the hospital’s director Dr Ashraf Al Sharqawi as saying.