A boy died and 700 people were hospitalised after eating shawarma in a Jordan restaurant. Image Credit: Oliver Clarke/ Gulf News

Dubai: A five-year-old boy died and 700 others were hospitalised due to mass food poisoning after eating shawarma at a restaurant in Ain Al Basha, north west of Amman, local health authorities said on Wednesday.

According to local media, dozens of people fell sick after eating shawarma and roast chicken at the restaurant on Monday evening. They were rushed to the Prince Hussein Hospital in Baq’a and other hospitals in the Balqa Governorate.

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Preliminary investigations showed that the meat and chicken shawarma had been prepared in an unhealthy environment and without adhering to health requirements and general safety rules.

Laboratory tests revealed that bacteria was found in meat and poultry products at the restaurant, according to a statement by the Ministry of Health

The restaurant was immediately shut down following investigations and the restaurant owner is in police custody, local media.

The restaurant was reportedly running a promotional offer in which one shawarma cost one Jordanian dinar ($1.40), as opposed to 1.85 dinar ($2.61), leading to an increase in customers.