'Uncle Falah Al Sharari' during his chat with Al Ekhbariya channel. Image Credit: Videograb

Dubai: In the heart of Saudi Arabia’s Al Jawf region resides a remarkable figure, 106-year-old Muammar Falah Al Harjaf. Known not only for his longevity but as a living repository of the Kingdom’s history, Al Harjaf has experienced the reigns of several Saudi kings and has been a part of crucial historical events.

Al Ekhbariya channel featured a report on the life of Falah Al Harjaf, who has witnessed and participated in significant events, from volunteering in wars to enduring epidemics. Despite his advanced age, his mind is sharp, and he enjoys sharing his memories with his extensive family of over 120 children and grandchildren.

Falah Al Harjaf, also known as Uncle Falah Al Sharari in the Issawiya Center in Qurayyat, has been acknowledged as the oldest centenarian in the Al Jawf region. He vividly recalls his life as a desert dweller and his role in cross-border trade with Jordan, describing it as an adventurous and challenging life.

In his own words, Falah Al Harjaf eflects on his time serving in the Saudi army in Taif during Mansour bin Abdulaziz’s era and his involvement in artillery.

Al Harjaf also survived the smallpox epidemic and other health crises that affected the region. He shares his experience during the Nakba war, recalling, “We visited Jordan as usual every year, and when we heard the war in Palestine, they allowed us to enter and participate in the war. When cars entered the Amman market, Arabs applauded from the right and left.”