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Students enjoy ice cream brought by their teacher, and the truck is on the right. Image Credit: Screengrab

Cairo: A Saudi teacher has made the day for his students by presenting them with a gift that made them literally feel cool.

A social media video showed the teacher surprising his students by bringing in an ice cream truck into the school and distributing ice cream cones to his students and colleagues.

The video shows the vehicle entering the school, taking the students by storm. They are seen gathering in glee to get their share of the ice cream and expressing joy over the gift.

The teacher, whose name was not given, appears in the video wearing the traditional Saudi outfit and disclosing the surprise.

There was no word when or where the incident took place.

The teacher’s act has drawn online admiration. “They won’t forget it. The act will remain etched on their (students’) memories,” said one commentator. “When there is fun, joy, activities and affinity at school, students will be greatly attracted to it,” commented another.

May God bless him (the teacher). A simple deed and a great joy,” said a third.

On August 20, more than 6 million students in different educational stages returned to school across Saudi Arabia after a two-month summer vacation.

The three-semester school year in the kingdom spreads over 38 weeks and features 60-day different holidays, in addition to a 68-day summer break.

According to an official schedule, the first semester runs until November 16. The second semester is due to begin 10 days later and run until February 22. The third is scheduled to start March 3 and end on June 10.

As of this school year in the kingdom, new subjects such as earth sciences, space and event managements are introduced in the secondary school stage.