Municipal workers and field teams clearing the hail from major roads and streets to facilitate the resumption of normal traffic flow. Image Credit: @SaudiNews50/X

Dubai: A hailstorm on Sunday morning in Al Namas governorate, part of the Asir region, resulted in significant damage, with a video circulating on social media showing the aftermath of the event.

The footage shows numerous cars with their rear and front windows shattered due to the impact of large hailstones, alongside damage to the vehicles’ exteriors.

The southern Asir region experienced heavy to moderate rainfall, accompanied by hail showers that began on Sunday morning, affecting most parts of the area.

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The cities of Abha and Khamis Mushayt, along with the governorates of Rijal Alma’, Al Namas and Tanuma, witnessed substantial rain and hail.

The inclement weather led to main roads and streets being blanketed with hailstones.

Local authorities responded by deploying municipal workers and field teams to clear the hail from major roads and streets to facilitate the resumption of normal traffic flow.

The rainfall extended to various governorates within the Asir region, including Balqarn, Barq, Mahayil, Al Majaridah, Sarat Ubaida, Ahad Rufaidah and towns associated with the governorates of Tarib, Al Amwah, and Bisha.

Areas like the city of Abha, Al Namas, Tanoma, and nearby town centers experienced fog cover, causing temperatures to drop below 10 degrees Celsius in elevated locations such as Al-Souda Center.

The heavy rains triggered flash floods across some valleys and reefs, leading to waterlogging in farms and valleys.

The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) forecasts that the capital city of Riyadh, along with other governorates and towns in the Riyadh region, will face torrential rains, high-speed winds, and hail showers on Monday, reducing horizontal visibility. Light to moderate rain was already reported in the capital on Sunday evening.

The NCM’s weather forecast covers several areas, including Dawadmi, Al Rain, Al Quwayiyah, Afif, Al Zulfi, Al Ghat, Al-Majma’ah, Shaqraa, Diriyah, Thadiq, Huraymila, Rumah, Dharma, Marat, Al Aflaj, Al Salil and Wadi Al Dawasir.

In light of the expected conditions, the Civil Defence has issued warnings for the public to exercise maximum caution and follow safety guidelines provided by the authorities during this rainy weather period.