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The bull in the bargershop. Image Credit: Videograb

Dubai: A bustling barbershop in the heart of Karbala, Iraq, faced an unexpected and frightful interruption as an enraged bull suddenly burst into the premises, as caught on surveillance video footage.

In mere seconds, the once-crowded shop was left deserted, with customers and staff alike fleeing in panic to evade the fierce animal.

The alarming incident quickly turned into a bizarre spectacle, with the rapid dispersal of individuals transforming the terrifying situation into an almost comical scene, as depicted in the widely circulated video clip.

The footage did not provide any details on how the bull eventually exited the shop or the subsequent actions taken by the owners to remove the creature.

Many well-wishers took to social platforms to extend their hopes for the safety of both the shop’s clientele and staff amidst the mocking comments regarding the bull’s specific target.

In the past, too, another raging bull had wreaked havoc in a primary school in the city of Basra.

The frightful event, similarly, caught on camera, showed the chaos and panic that ensued among students and others present in the school yard at the time of the bull’s intrusion.

According to the video publishers, several students sustained injuries during the episode. It appears the bull had managed to escape from its owner, with remnants of a rope still dangling from its head and neck, indicating its previously restrained state.