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Vehicles stuck in the snow in Al Baha. Image Credit: Video grab

Dubai: Some parts of Saudi Arabia, particularly the Al Baha region, were hit by unusual hail and snowfall on Monday morning.

Cumulus thunderstorms were responsible for the unusual precipitation, which resulted in the closure of several roads and disruption of traffic in the area.

Video clips shared on social media showed accumulation of hail that caused vehicles to get stuck on the closed roads.

Emergency teams from the municipality had to remove stones and hail from the roads while the city’s parks turned white.

Al Baha Education authority also announced the suspension of classes for the day, and students were asked to continue their studies remotely due to the bad weather conditions.

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Despite the disruption, the unusual weather brought excitement to the region, with many motorists stopping to enjoy the moderate cold weather.

Children and young people were seen having fun in the foothills of the mountains and the sides of the snow-covered roads.

The civil defence has raised their readiness to face any potential risk and has deployed patrol teams. The authorities have warned citizens, residents, and motorists to exercise caution in light of the weather changes in the region and the intensity of the cold in Al Baha and other affected governorates.