Dubai: Turkish authorities have arrested a wanted Saudi, named on the 2009 Saudi Interior ministry list of 85 wanted for connections with terrorism.

The arrest on Friday took place after Turkish authorities received information that the suspected Al Qaida terrorist was in Adana province and was planning a terrorist act.

The Turkish authorities said that the suspect had a fake passport.

It is believed that the Saudi have infiltrated the Turkish territory through Iraqi borders, while Saudi Arabic daily Okaz, learned that the detainee is Waleed Abdullah Ebrahim Al Barghash, number 50 on the list, and had left Saudi Arabia on July 31, 2006 without registering any return.

Al Barghash is in his thirties, and associated with Al Qaida in Saudi Arabia. He traveled with Al Qaida to Afghanistan through Iran and joined the Al Qaida organisation there.

Information indicates that since 2009, he was traveling between Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan.

Speaking to Okaz by telephone, the spokesman for the Ministry of Interior said that the authorities were continuing to monitor the situation and coordinate with their Turkish counterparts concerning Al Barghash case.