Saudi women at a university in Jeddah. Photo for illustrative purpose. Image Credit: REUTERS

Cairo: A Saudi university has said it will interrogate a professor for purportedly expressing bias against male students in an audio recording.

The professor, whose identity or name was not given, was heard in the recording allegedly announcing his bias against male students in favour of their female colleagues, prompting an outcry and accusations of bullying and non-professionalism.

The Taif University said that the remarks attributed to one of its teaching staff members are “unacceptable”.

The institution in western Saudi Arabia added in a statement that it rejects this “individual behavior” and has decided to refer the lecturer in question to an inquiry ahead of taking disciplinary action against him. The university promised to make public findings of the inquiry.

The date or exact venue of the recording was not established.

The new academic year started in Saudi Arabia late last month with the reintroduction of in-person classes after suspension of more than a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.