saudi car
Saudi Arabia police have stopped the driver of a recklessly driven car, surrounding it and flipping it over. Image Credit: X/eMuroor

Dubai: Saudi Arbaia’s traffic police in the northwestern province of Qurayyat have halted a recklessly driven car, resulting in it overturning after a tense chase.

Local media shared a video capturing the moment the vehicle, driven erratically and without licence plates, was forcibly stopped by a traffic police car which surrounded and pushed it until it overturned.

The incident, which occurred at dawn on Friday, involved security officers from multiple patrols. One officer from an assisting patrol swiftly intervened to extract and arrest the two occupants of the vehicle, who were apparently unharmed despite their car flipping over.

The Saudi Traffic Department (Moroor) issued a statement detailing the offenses, which included driving recklessly, vehicle modification, and drifting, all conducted in a vehicle without number plates.

The statement emphasised that the actions of the citizens not only violated traffic laws but also endangered the lives of others. Following the incident, the legal proceedings were taken, and the individuals were referred to the traffic authority.

The video of the incident has gone viral, shared widely by numerous Saudi bloggers who praised the police for their effective and courageous handling of the dangerous situation.