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Illustrative image. Image Credit: Bloomberg

Cairo: A Saudi man has relinquished legal right to claim SR350,000 in debts owed by an expatriate after a plea from the latter’s daughter, according to a local media report.

It all started some years ago when the Arab expatriate, a contractor, was involved in a car crash resulting in the death of a Jordanian man and the injury of three companions, Saudi news website Alweeam reported.

Following the incident, the Saudi man, named Sa'faq Al Shammari, paid the blood money for the family of the victim, as well as the medical bills for the injured three, on the condition that the Jordanian expatriate would repay it later.

However, the expatriate fled Saudi Arabia without repaying the debt, prompting Sa'faq to file a lawsuit.

The fugitive was later arrested and put on trial. After three years, a court ordered the expatriate to repay the debt.

The daughter of the expatriate then made a request to the Saudi man to write off the debt, to which Sa'faq agreed.