Hattan bin Ghazi Shata
Hattan bin Ghazi Shata Image Credit: Social media

Dubai: The missing Saudi man in Cairo was found dead 42 days after his disappearance, the Egyptian Interior Ministry announced on Wednesday.

The ministry confirmed that medical examinations revealed no signs of foul play in the death of Hattan bin Ghazi Shata, who had been missing since April 22.

The Saudi Embassy in Cairo announced that it received a report from the Egyptian authorities stating they found the body of Hattan Shata after conducting a DNA test confirming his identity.

In a statement on its Facebook page, the embassy offered its condolences to Shata’s family and thanked the Egyptian authorities for their intensive efforts to reveal the circumstances of the incident.

Footage showed that Hattan bin Ghazi Shata was last seen on April 22, leaving his home in the Rehab neighbourhood of the Fifth Settlement area in Cairo.

Following his disappearance, the Saudi Embassy, in collaboration with Egyptian authorities, launched an intensive search to locate him.

Legal procedures for transporting Shata’s body to Saudi Arabia are currently underway, coordinated with his brother, Hani, who has been in Cairo for several days to assist in the search.