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Dubai: A young Saudi man has refused to take SR 3 million in compensation for donating his liver to a businessman and instead donated his kidney to an orphaned girl to save her life, taking nothing in return, local media reported.

During a TV interview, Ali Al Daba’an said he was the CEO of a charitable organisation in Hail and the girl was among those sponsored by the organisation.

“We used to take Aisha (the orphan) to a dialysis centre. I asked more information about her health condition and after reviewing her file, I decided to donate my kidney to her,” added Al Daba’an.

“However, I have been contacted by a person on behalf of an old businessman who was looking for a liver donor. I had no problem and agreed to do so if doctors said okay, especially as I was planning to donate my kidney to Aisha.”

The businessman had allocated SR3 million for the donor and I immediately refused to take money because I’m seeking nothing but reward from Allah Almighty. Later, doctors told me that I can only donate one organ, and without hesitation, I chose to donate my kidney to Aisha.