Shaikh Mohammad Al Zubin and a child who got a cash reward for performing Fajr prayer regularly at Al Zuhoor in Dammam. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A preacher at a mosque in Dammam rewarded children who performed Fajr prayer in the mosque on a daily basis with money.

Shaikh Mohammad Al Zubin honoured the youngsters on the 29th night of Ramadan at Majid Al Mutairi mosque in Al Zuhoor neighbourhood in the presence of their parents and a crowd of worshippers, Al Sabq reported.

Al Zubin said that the aim of this award was to encourage young people to be consistent and on time with their prayers.

He also urged the children to maintain this goodwill because it would bring ease and comfort into their future lives.

He added that it was important to teach youth to love God from an early age.

“The virtue of Fajr prayer in the mosque and in a group setting helps keep away the evil spirit,” he said.

After the awards were presented, the worshippers congratulated the children and their parents.

-Hams is an intern at Gulf News