Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman has named his new baby boy Abdulaziz, after the kingdom’s founder. Image Credit: AP

Cairo: Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman has got a new baby boy whom he named Abdulaziz after his grandfather, the kingdom’s founder, local media reported.

The newborn makes the Saudi royal a father of five children: three boys and two girls. The birth of Abdulaziz the Jr on Saturday triggered an outpouring of greetings and well wishes.

“May Allah make him a baby of happiness, bless him and make him a source of joy for his parents,” tweeted Prince Saud, the crown prince’s brother.

Social and economic reforms

Prince Mohammed, 35, was appointed as heir apparent in June 2017. He has since championed dramatic social and economic reforms in the kingdom, shedding its ultra-conservative image.

In 2018, Saudi Arabia allowed women to drive for the first time in its history, ending a decades-old ban on female driving.