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Dubai: Police in Riyadh have granted a 9-year-old cancer patient’s wish come true by making him a policeman for a day.

Hussain Al Amer underwent a bone marrow transplant from one of his sisters, Al Arabiya reported.

Hussain’s mother said that after his surgery at King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Al Ahsa, a traffic policeman visited him for two consecutive days.

Although the boy could not speak, his mother said he was able to convey his wishes to the policeman.

A police officer was shortly dispatched to take Hussain’s measurements and within two days his police uniform was ready.

Visibly elated, Hussain marched around the hospital showing off his police suit.

“You can’t imagine our happiness when we see a boy like Hussain, who looks forward to becoming a police officer, achieve his dream,” Director General of the Saudi Traffic Directorate Maj. Gen. Mohammed Al Bassami said.

Three years ago, Hussain had a fever of 40°C and was experiences fatigue and welling of the ankle.

Doctors intitially were unable to identify his illness but later it was discovered he was suffering from low counts of white and red blood cells.

Speaking to Al Arabiya, his mother said her son had to be placed on artificial ventilation.

“He used to place my hand over his heart and ask me to read Quran for him,” she said.

She hopes the bone marrow transplant will be successful and give the boy another chance at life.

-Hams is an intern at Gulf News