20200915 top news arrest in goa
4,600 mattresses have been confiscated and expatriate workers arrested from a factory in Mecca. Image Credit: Pixabay

Abu Dhabi: Inspection teams of the Saudi Ministry of Commerce have closed down a factory in Mecca for illegally refurbishing and renovating mattresses, local media said.

“Some 4,600 substandard mattresses have been confiscated and expatriate workers were arrested,” the ministry said on its Twitter account.

During the raid, inspectors found that workers used recycled sponge and polyester products collected from waste containers to produce mattresses, finally, covered with plastic bags carrying various brands.

Inspectors reportedly found many violations including lack of safety standards and unhygenic conditions for workers.

What is Mattress Recycling?

Mattress recycling involves taking apart the components of beds and reusing them in other applications. It is different than mattress refurbishing or renovating, which involves reupholstering and reselling the bed.

Most materials in a mattress can be repurposed once a bed is deconstructed

Springs and Coils: Metal can melted and made into new items.

Foams: Mattress foams can be shredded and used in carpet padding , moving pads, and as a fuel source.

Fibers: Cotton and other fibers can used in filters, insulation or burned for fuel.

Fabrics and Upholstery: Can be reclaimed for use in other items.

Wood: Can be chipped for mulch or burned for fuel.