Moreover, 155 ambulances have been deployed to work throughout the season. Illustrative image. Image Credit: iStockphoto

Dubai: The Mecca Health Cluster has announced its complete readiness for the upcoming Hajj season, under the supervision of the Ministry of Health.

As part of its preparations, the cluster has finalised operational plans for all 18 hospitals and 126 health centers located in Mecca and the surrounding holy sites.

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The health facilities are set to deliver top-class medical services to pilgrims according to the plans.

The preparations include round-the-clock operation of Ajyad Emergency Hospital to cater to visitors and pilgrims to the Grand Mosque, along with three emergency centres in the corridors of Grand Mosque, all equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to handle emergency cases.

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Additionally, the seasonal Al Haram Hospital has been activated in the northern courtyards of the Grand Mosque.

To ensure smooth operations, trained staff and necessary resources have been allocated to all outpatient clinics across hospitals and centres.

A total of 3,944 beds, including 654 beds for intensive care, have been arranged in various health facilities.

Moreover, 155 ambulances have been deployed to work throughout the season, with additional support provided to Nimra Hospital through mobile ambulance buses and dedicated ambulance teams stationed at various key locations.

Efforts have been made to facilitate seamless coordination between all centres and hospitals within the health cluster to ensure timely provision of healthcare services.

This includes the establishment of a hotline for stroke cases, linked to a virtual hospital to adhere to international standards for stroke care and save lives.

Notably, Al Noor Specialist Hospital, King Faisal, King Abdul Aziz, Heraa General, Ajyad and Maternity and Children Hospital are equipped with fully operational emergency departments to handle all cases.

King Abdullah Medical City will serve as the reference hospital for heart and brain stroke cases, ensuring prompt treatment through specialised departments and coordination with the Mecca Health Cluster.