The wreckage after the fatal collision in south-western Saudi Arabia. Image Credit: Courtesy of Sabq

Cairo: Four members of one of Saudi family were killed in a collision while they were on their way to attend a wedding party in the south-west of the kingdom, a local newspaper has reported.

The dead were the family head, his wife, son and daughter-in law, the news portal Sabq added, quoting a relative of the victims.

They had left Riyadh in their car heading to Asir in south-western Saudi Arabia to attend a relative’s wedding party on Friday. Their car collided with a truck on a road in the governorate of Bisha, killing the four. The cause of the crash is not clear yet.

The news of their death triggered grief and prompted the groom to postpone his wedding until further notice, it said.

In recent years, Saudi authorities have toughened traffic penalties in an attempt to curb road crashes in the country.