Umrah pilgrims
Umrah pilgrims arrive at the Grand Mosque. Image Credit: SPA file

Dubai: Saudi Arabia has announced that all Umrah companies and institutions are obligated to issue permits for its pilgrims seeking to perform Umrah at the Grand Mosque and also permits for its worshippers who want to pray at the Rawdah Sharif at the Prophet’s Mosque, local media reported.

According to the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, Umrah companies and institutions are also required to delegate its pilgrims to the Grand Mosque in Mecca according to the approved times in their permits. This procedure includes those who are wishing to repeat Umrah during their stay in Mecca.

The ministry confirmed the importance of Umrah companies and institutions offering integrated and comprehensive services to pilgrims, in order to raise and evolve the quality of services in the sector and also to facilitate the journey for them.

It also said that it is following up through its continuing monitoring tours and its intensive automated monitoring the quality of services and the companies’ commitment to fulfilling their duties.

The ministry added that it has directed the field teams in sorting centres, which are located alongside the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque, to monitor any field violation and to take all the legal deterrent measures against the violators.