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Photo for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Pixabay

Abu Dhabi: The Saudi Ministry of Education has confirmed that the next academic year will see the start of English language teaching from Grade One of primary school, in addition to a new curriculum, most notably adding digital skills that will be taught starting from Grade IV.

Ibtisam Al Shehri, spokesperson of the Ministry of Education, confirmed in the Ya Hala show on Rotana TV that among the curriculum development was the merging of Islamic education subjects, including jurisprudence, hadith and interpretation into one book.

She emphasized that by incorporating materials, repetition was addressed in the new curriculum, while basic skills and values were present.

Earlier the Ministry of Education said five courses were approved for the next academic year, including a focus on science and mathematics.

Four of the courses will be introduced to all schools, while the fifth will only be implemented in the major schools distributed throughout the Kingdom.

The ministry added there would be certain subjects that would be taught remotely, and distance education would continue after the coronavirus pandemic.