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Saudi Arabia will hold an exhibition of Egyptian antiquities at the Ithra Museum in Dhahran. Photo for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: AP

Abu Dhabi: A temporary exhibition of Egyptian antiquities is scheduled to be held at the Ithra Museum in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, local media reported.

The exhibition will be held from November 2020 to November 2022, and that includes preparation, packaging and shipping.


The exhibition, approved by the Egyptian Cabinet, features 84 different Egyptian artifacts.

The announcement was made after Egypt’s Tourism Minister, Khaled Al Anani, and Saudi counterpart Ahmed Al Khatib, met on the sidelines of the meeting of the Executive Council of the World Tourism Organisation in Georgia, where the Tbilisi Declaration was issued, approving the opening of borders and the start of travel as soon as possible with health and safety standards.

The Egyptian Minister stressed the importance of the close relations between the kingdom and his country, and stressed the importance of the Saudi market for Egyptian tourism. The Egyptian minister said the Saudi is one of the main tourist markets for Egypt.

He reviewed the precautionary measures and health protocols applied in Egyptian tourist and hotel facilities, museums and archaeological sites.

The Ithra Museum is home to four galleries, respectively dedicated to contemporary Middle Eastern Art, Saudi culture, Islamic art, and the natural history of the Arabian Peninsula.

With each gallery focusing on a specific theme, the Museum invites conversation igniting new ideas and new forms of cultural expression. With a focus on knowledge and innovation, the galleries aim to enrich the visitor experience by offering interactive technology alongside historical and cultural learning, to bridge the past and present.

The museum provides temporary exhibitions, collections on loan via partnerships, and an ever-growing assortment of artwork and artifacts representing the world’s richest cultures, including the kingdom and beyond.