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Bring on the experts... Saudi Arabia will overhaul its policies related to overseas recruitments. But steps will be taken simultaneously to ensure this does not affect prospects of Saudi nationals in the workspace. Image Credit: Pixabay

Abu Dhabi: The Saudi Ministry of Human Resources plans to hire experts to develop the overseas recruitment system of foreign workers. They will addressing recruitment challenges and revise policies to meet the needs of the national economy, while at the same time limit the impact of overseas recruitment on localisation of jobs, Al Watan newspaper said.

The Saudi Human Resources ministry is working on classification of professions, to be in a better position to enforce recruitment violations and better protect workers against fraudulent recruiting schemes. Saudi Arabia is ranked fourth in the world in terms of overseas recruitment, after the US, Russia, and Germany.

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Network of recruitment centres

Ahmed Al Rajhi, Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, told entrepreneurs the Kingdom has 1,000 recruitment offices, in addition to 35 recruitment companies. Al Rajhi said extensive research had been carried out to establish the requirements of small businesses for migrant workers, so that the new visa service meets their needs.

He said: “It will enable young Saudis to launch start-up projects, open small businesses, boost economic growth and accelerate business expansion plans, which will have a positive impact on national development. This will help to maintain the stability and continuity of the business during its early days.”

The ministry also launched a visa service for established businesses that are in the process of expanding.

Saudi job scene
* Saudi Arabia is fourth in the world in terms of overseas recruitment, after the US, Russia, and Germany.
* More than 7 million expatriates work in the private sector.
* 68% of Saudi households have a domestic worker. An increase in visas for domestic workers by 14% during 2017.
* There are over one million domestic workers.