Concrete barriers block a road leading to the market in Jeddah. Image Credit: Sabq

Cairo: Municipal authorities in Saudi Arabia’s port city of Jeddah have closed one of the biggest open markets in the Red Sea city over violations, including blocking the road, a Saudi news portal reported.

Municipality of Al Janub district, part of Jeddah, has shut down, citing several infringements, Sabq added.

“The market has been closed down because it caused several municipal breaches, mainly blocking a public street and failure to remove illegal stalls,” spokesman for Jeddah mayoralty told Sabq.

The portal posted a picture of concrete barriers at the entrances to the market barring entry of cars.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia’s second biggest city, is a major economic and tourism hub. The western city is about 79 kilometres from the holy city of Mecca to which millions of Muslim pilgrims flock.