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A Dubai visitor has gone on trial after being accused of touching a woman inappropriately. Image Credit: Pixabay

Abu Dhabi:Some 1,492 labour disputes were settled out of court in Riyadh in June, local media reported.

The Amicable Settlement Department affiliated to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has settled 1,492 labour dispute cases in the capital Riyadh and the governorates of Al Kharj and Al Dawadmi.

Dr. Mohammad Al Harbi, director general of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development Branch in Riyadh, said the settlement administration was always keen to solve all labour cases amicably and give everyone his right without reaching advanced-stage litigation.

He pointed out that the reconciliation sessions are being held virtually and the claimants can complete the procedures online. The Arabic language is adopted in the sessions with the help of certified translators from inside or outside the ministry. Help is sought from experts, specialists and professionals to contribute to the settlement of the pending labor disputes