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Riyadh: The Saudi Council of Health Insurance (CHI) and the Insurance Authority (IA) have started enforcing a new policy that mandates compulsory insurance coverage for employers with more than four domestic workers. This new regulation has been in effect since July 1.

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According to the Saudi Press Agency, general requirements for applying for benefits and coverage under this policy include submitting a medical disclosure form, obtaining approval from the health insurance company, and insuring all affiliated workers.

This initiative aims to achieve several goals:

  • Comprehensive healthcare: All beneficiaries will have access to necessary medical services.
  • Sustainable healthcare system: The program promotes a stable healthcare infrastructure.
  • Thriving health insurance market: Increased demand for insurance will stimulate the industry.
  • New healthcare services: The program may encourage development of new medical services.
  • Job growth: The demand for healthcare professionals is expected to rise.

This initiative aims to ensure comprehensive health coverage for all beneficiaries, promote sustainability in health care, stimulate the health insurance market, provide new services, and increase employment opportunities in both medical and non-medical specialties.

Iman Al-Tariqi, the official spokesperson for the Council of Health Insurance, explained that the domestic workers' insurance policy covers primary care, public health, emergency cases, hospitalisation without a deductible, treatment in emergency cases, unlimited clinic visits, vaccinations, and examinations.