210902 Desert
The driver was hysterical when he saw rescue vehicles approaching him in the desert. Image Credit: Courtesy: Palaeodeserts Project

Dubai: A Saudi team of volunteers saved the life of a Sudanese expatriate two days after his truck got stuck in the sand in a desert area in western Saudi Arabia, local media reported.

The driver, who was driving a truck loaded with fodder weighing four tonnes from Riyadh to Mecca, was stranded for two days in the desert where he nearly starved.

A video documenting the moment the team of volunteers arrived at the scene to rescue the truck driver went viral on social media platforms.

The team of volunteers came to search for the driver who took a desert road from Riyadh to the city of Rabigh in Mecca to deliver a shipment of fodder. He was stuck in the barren desert of Saudi Arabia after traveling 50km.

The driver was hysterical when he saw rescue vehicles approaching him.

Social media platforms shared the video clip recording the moment the man was rescued after losing hope of survival.

Talal Abdul Ghani, leader of the volunteer team, said: “The man, who works as truck driver to transport fodder from Riyadh to the rest of the Kingdom’s cities, was on his way to deliver the shipment of fodder to Rabigh. He used Google map to take a shortcut leading him to the farm where he was supposed to deliver the fodder shipment, but he did know that he would fall into the desert trap.”