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Dubai: The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) announced it is finalizing new regulations to protect the rights of passengers with physical disabilities and special needs.

Under these rules, disabled passengers will receive compensation worth 200 per cent of their airfare if airlines fail to provide them with required travel facilities and services.

The proposed regulations prohibit air carriers from asking people with disabilities and special needs to sign waivers or give up services they are entitled to receive.

The compensation is awarded when airlines breach their obligations in providing appropriate flight facilities and services for passengers with disabilities and special needs.

In addition to the protection for disabled passengers, the regulations also cover flight delays and cancellations, with compensation based on the duration of the delay and the communication provided by the air carrier.

Passengers have the right to terminate their contract with the air carrier and request a full refund if the flight is delayed by more than two hours. Compensation for lost or delayed baggage is also addressed under the new regulations.

The GACA's Passengers' Rights Protection Department will be responsible for implementing and interpreting these regulations and supervising their application. Airlines found in violation of these provisions may face fines of up to SR50,000.

Passengers also have the right to file a lawsuit to assess the extent of damage and seek compensation for subsequent damages resulting from the air carrier's non-compliance with the terms and conditions of the transportation contract.