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Currently, 51,089 individuals are facing legal procedures for violations. Illustrative image. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Interior reported that 17,556 individuals have been arrested for violating residency, labour laws, and border security regulations across various regions of the Kingdom.

The arrests occurred during a week-long series of joint field campaigns conducted by security forces from November 9 to 15.

The Ministry of Interior disclosed that these arrests resulted from coordinated field campaigns conducted by different units of the security forces.

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The breakdown of these arrests includes 11,219 for residency system violations, 3,782 for border security rule violations, and 2,555 for breaches of labour laws.

Additionally, 756 individuals were apprehended while attempting to illegally enter the Kingdom. Among them, 60 per cent were Yemeni nationals, 38 per cent Ethiopian, and 2 per cent from other nationalities. Furthermore, 38 individuals were caught attempting to exit Saudi Arabia illegally. Authorities also detained 12 persons accused of facilitating the transport and shelter of those violating residency and work regulations, as well as engaging in cover-up activities.

Currently, 51,089 individuals are facing legal procedures for violations, comprising 44,145 men and 6,944 women. Of these, 43,975 have been referred to their respective diplomatic missions for travel documents, 1,860 are awaiting completion of travel reservations, and 10,636 have been deported.

The Ministry of Interior has warned that anyone facilitating the entry of infiltrators into the Kingdom, offering transportation, shelter, or any form of assistance or service will face severe consequences.

Such individuals could face penalties of up to 15 years in prison, accompanied by a maximum fine of SR1 million.