The Saudi Anti-Corruption Commission has said interrogations have begun in 120 cases. Image Credit: AFP

Abu Dhabi: A far-reaching campaign against corruption has begun across Saudi Arabia. An official source in the Saudi Anti-Corruption Commission said interrogations began in 120 cases.

The most prominent cases dealt with were as follows:

First case:

A municipal official allegedly disbursed SR110,006,545 (approximately $29,328,820) unlawfully for several commercial entities. Some SR38,378,411 (approximately $10,232,059) have been recovered, and work is underway to recover the remaining amount.

Second case:

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce in one of the regions was suspended for having allegedly transferred SR8,000,000 (approximately $2,132,878) from the chamber’s account and using the money to issue a check to the execution court to pay a financial claim to a citizen.

Third case:

An officer, a non-commissioned officer working in the General Directorate of Civil Defense in one of the regions and an Arab man working for a safety company were arrested. The officers established the safety company in which the expatriate works, using the name of another citizen, and they complicated and disrupted the safety licenses of companies wishing to obtain them, to force them to sign contracts with their company. They allegedly fraudulently raised SR5,948,572 (approximately $1,585,947).

Fourth case:

A lieutenant colonel working in one of the Ministry of Interior was arrested for allegedly obtaining SR2,000,000 (approximately $533,219) from the owner of a company in exchange for facilitating the issuance of the necessary licenses for the company.

Fifth case:

Three non-commissioned officers working in the General Traffic Department, six employees who previously worked for an insurance company, and five citizens were suspended for allegedly fabricating fake traffic accidents and fraudulently obtaining compensation from the insurance company, totaling SR1.918.167 (approximately $511,402).

Sixth case:

Three men of Asian nationality were arrested after they allegedly offered SR1,590,000 (approximately $157,299) in exchange for clearing prohibited items which were seized by the customs.

Seventh case:

A notary officer was suspended for allegedly issuing 33 power of attorney in an irregular manner, in addition to an offering a bribe of SR1,500,000 (approximately $399,914) for one of those affected by those powers, in exchange for not submitting a complaint against him.

Eighth case:

An assistant director general of a health department in one of the regions, and his subordinate, an Arab resident, were arrested for allegedly forging official documents and entering incorrect data for work not carried out by a company, contracting with the department and owned by the mother-in-law of the first suspect, with the aim of disbursing the contract value of SR204,000 (approximately $54,388).

Ninth case:

A non-commissioned officer working in the General Directorate of Narcotics Control in one of the governorates was arrested for allegedly having received SR5,000 (approximately $1,333) from a resident in exchange for cancelling the travel ban imposed on him.