Rain Saudi arabia
File photo: The rain alerts cover areas including Riyadh, Hail, Qassim, and the Eastern Province Image Credit: SPA

Dubai: Saudi Arabia is expected to experience significant rainfall and thunderstorms across various regions from Sunday to Wednesday, according to forecasts issued by the National Center of Meteorology.

The alerts cover areas including Riyadh, Hail, Qassim, and the Eastern Province, where precipitation of varying intensity is anticipated.

The Eastern Province is likely to witness the highest levels of rainfall, with the possibility of strong thunderstorms occurring intermittently. The National Center of Meteorology urged citizens in these areas to exercise caution and adhere to public safety instructions, particularly during periods of heavy rainfall.

Attributed to an air depression affecting the Arabian Peninsula, these weather fluctuations are expected to persist for several days, as highlighted by Adel Al Qazanli, a weather analyst at the National Center of Meteorology. Al Qazanli has cautioned about continued weather fluctuations and emphasized the likelihood of rainfall across multiple regions.

In response to the forecast, the Civil Defense has called to take precautions against heavy rains, torrents, and dusty winds across the Kingdom. It has urged the public to exercise caution, especially in open areas and on highways, and advised against swimming in water pools due to associated risks.

Authorities have urged residents to follow instructions disseminated through various media and social media platforms. Additionally, the Directorate General has emphasized the need to adhere to safety guidelines and provided emergency contact numbers, urging residents to call "911" in Mecca, Riyadh, and the Eastern Province, and "998" in other regions for assistance in emergencies.