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Dubai: Planning to use the new Saudi visa system to visit and explore the country? There's no better time than right now with the newly launched Riyadh Season Festival.

Riyadh Season is a three month mega event that will take place from October 15 to December 15 all around Riyadh.

The countdown to the first-ever event was launched by the chairman of the General Entertainment Authority, said Turki Al Sheikh on his Twitter account in a video.

According to Turki Al Sheikh, "Riyadh Season will bring the world to Saudi Arabia." The theme of the first season is ‘Imagine.’

The theme was chosen as a slogan to 'Imagine' 70 days of continous entertainment, 'Imagine' in 12 different zones, 'Imagine' more than 100 events in a span of three months.

'Imagine' the famous London Winter Wonderland landing in Riyadh for 11 weeks.

Turki Al Sheikh described Riyadh as “the biggest city in the Middle East, so Riyadh season will be the biggest event in the region,” hosting more than 100 different events activities and programs catering to various age groups and interests, and will take place across 12 main zones in the city hosting seven different themes.

Joy, inspire, taste, explore, fantasy, speed and desert

The 12 main zones across the city of Riyadh


For the 'Taste' theme, Riyadh season is bringing cuisines from all around the world. More than 31 restaurants will be opening pop-ups across the city coming from all around the world to satify all the foodies.


The 'Joy' theme will include 22 events in 6 different zones of the city, which are:

Parade: Opening night

The Riyadh season opening night will take place on October 17 in Zone 1 which is Riyadh Boulevard. The Parade will include 60 vehicles showcasing the most important events of the season.

After the parade ends the skies of Riyadh will light up with fireworks coming out of Zone 4, Riyadh Winter Wonderland.

Fireworks will also take place on the nights of 11,15,17,24,31 of October and 7,14,21,28 of November and 5,12 of December.

BTS concert

Part of thier world tour 'Love yourself... Speak yourself',the Korean pop band BTS will be in Riyadh season for one night on October 11.

The concert will take place at Zone 5 at King Fahed Stadium.

Joy convention and Joy Expo

Both the convention and the Expo are happening in parallel to each other on the 13th and 14th of October in Zone 9 at Al Malaz KAP.

The event will be a global gathering of international companies specialized in providing tourism and leisure services. The convention will be discussing the future of entertainment in Saudi Arabia and showcase successful experiences. While the expo will bring together global companies and international companies to showcase offers of tourism and entertainement to visitors.

The Wizard of OZ

The famous play 'Wizard of OZ' will come to Riyadh season and will be on stage for two weeks from October 16 till 26. The play will take place in Zone 2-B at Princess Nourah University stage.

'Wizard of OZ' at Riyadh season Image Credit: supplied

The Illusionists

The Illusionists are a touring magic production which features a rotating cast of 5 to 8 magicians who all specialise in specific branches of magic from stage illusions to mind reading to escapology and comedic magic.

The show will go for 4 weeks from October 17 to November 17, at Zone four.


The famous magician Dynamo will hold a show on November 27 and November 30 in the Riyadh Winter Wonderland zone.

Tickets can be bought online

Riyadh Winter Wonderland

From fairground rides and ice skating to charming markets and family shows and surprises, the famous Winter Wonderland will be coming all the way from London to Riyadh for 11 weeks at Zone 4.

Riyadh Winter wonderland Image Credit: Supplied

The whole of Zone 4 is built to host Winter Wonderland and is named after it.

Ice Rink

The biggest ice skaing arena in the region will be set inside the Wonderland, if you dont skate you can stay to enjoy shows on ice.


The WWE superstars will be in Riyadh for a show, promising for a unique show between the most famous stars of WWE on Nov 1 at Zone 5 in King Fahad Stadium.

Tickets can be bought online at www.ticketmx.com

Arabian concerts

If you are into Arabic pop music and fancy to see Arab stars on stage, Riyadh season will be welcoming Asala, Hussein Jasmi, Mohammad Abdo, Nancy Ajram, Tamer Hosni, Saber Robai, Nawal Zoghbi and many many others of the first row celebrities of the Arab world.

Arab celebs Image Credit: Supplied

Tickets can be bought at ticketingboxoffice.com

Egyptian Theater

Riyadh season promises the most prominent and famous Egyptian plays. All will be on at the Jenadriyah Theatre from 27-30 of November.

League of Legends

For all the gaming fans out there, Riyadh season will host gaming fanatics from all around the world to challenge each other.

 League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena to take place from the 5th to 7th of Dec in Zone 1.

Layali Aden

All the way from Aden, a Yemeni night where you can enjoy Yemeni food and music. Layali Adan will take place all through season daily from 8-10pm in Riyadh Boulevard.

Real Madrid Interactive Expo

An interactive expo targeting all of the fans, where they will find interactive matches, hostorical moments of the team , trophies and more.

Expo will take place from Oct 20 till Jan 15 insinde Riyadh Winter Wonderland.

Ferrari Festival

Fans of the Ferrari brand will need to be in Riyadh on November 24 and 25. The festival will display more than 50 cars and other exotic sports cars along with exciting Ferrari events.

Marvel experience

A virtual experience happening inside Riyadh Winter wonderland zone for three months of Riyadh Season. Go and fight along your favourite superheros.