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Dubai: The Saudi General Authority for Roads has reported a significant increase in road accident fatalities during Ramadan, with deaths surging by approximately 27% before Iftar.

Additionally, there’s a 10% rise in fatalities before the dawn prayer (Fajr). In response, the authority has intensified its efforts to ensure road safety, conducting over 112 inspection tours in February 2024, including reviews of road project designs and checks on road construction materials.

They also inspected 32 factories and 33 road projects to improve quality, safety, and adherence to standards.

The authority attributed this increase to several factors, including excessive speed, as some drivers strive to reach their homes or places to end their fast before the Maghrib call to prayer, leading them to exceed speed limits and drive recklessly.

Furthermore, fatigue resulting from lack of sleep or insufficient eating and drinking during fasting hours was identified as a significant contributor affecting drivers’ ability to focus and control their vehicles. Road congestion also played a role, as it significantly increases before the Maghrib call to prayer, thereby heightening the likelihood of accidents.