Manama: A Saudi pharmacist was richly praised on social media after she helped save an elderly man who suffered a medical malaise on a flight from the capital Riyadh to Prince Sultan Airport in Tabuk in northwestern Saudi Arabia.

Sources said that the 70-year-old man suffered breathing problems, chest pain, numbness in the left hand and dizziness, prompting the crew to ask whether there was a doctor among the passengers.

Khalida Al Enezi, the pharmacist working for the Tabuk Health Information Centre, responded and the elderly man was moved to the first class section where she, and two other medics who joined her later, looked after the patient and made sure he felt better, witnesses told Saudi news site Sabq.

Upon landing, the patient was transported to a local hospital.

Media users praised Al Enezi’s dedication and sense of offering medical assistance to people in need whether on land or on air.

“She is the best example of women who are committed to saving lives and as such she deserves to be hailed, encouraged and rewarded,” Ahmad Al Enezi posted.

Abdullah said that education for girls was paying off.

“She was able, thanks to her knowledge and skills, to save a life,” he said. “This is a great answer to those who are not keen on women advancing under all kinds of fallacious claims that are not related to the new reality in the kingdom.”