Eastern Province Saudi rain
Supported by pumping facilities and equipment, 3,100 personnel were deployed across the Eastern Province to grapple with the aftermath of the rain. Image Credit: X / EasternEamana

Cairo: Local authorities in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province, lashed by torrential rains earlier this week, said they have pumped out more than 5 million cubic metres of rainwater as part of efforts to tackle the aftermath.

The province’s mayoralty said its emergency teams worked to remove the rainwater, pumping away around 5.2 million cubic metres after the two-day rainfall.

Supported by pumping facilities and equipment, 3,100 personnel were deployed across the province to grapple with the aftermath of the rainfall.

The mayoralty said it had handled 336 rain-hit sites with the participation of 115 environment teams who sprayed soggy places and garbage containers with disinfectants.

Efforts are ongoing to clear and pump away rainwater in areas that are not fitted with rain drains, the mayoralty added, citing intensified tours to inspect damage resulting from the rainfall.

Education authorities in several parts of Saudi Arabia including the Eastern Province this week suspended in-person classes due to inclement weather and ordered schooling shifted to online learning.

Cities in the Eastern Province were lashed by medium-to-torrential rains, accompanied by strong winds, poor visibility, hail showers, thunderbolts and flooding.

Local authorities closed a vital tunnel on the King Fahd Road in the eastern city of Dammam as a precautionary measure. The tunnel was later reopened to traffic after its safety was ascertained.

Spokesman for the Saudi National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) Hussain Al Qahtani said this week the rain amount in the Eastern Province’s town of Munifah surpassed 42mm in one hour.

The official said further rainfall in affected areas is likely to continue until the end of April, urging the public to exercise caution and follow up NCM reports due to weather fluctuations.