Scenes from Haila Al Areeni's funeral. Image Credit: Al Marsad

Manama: Saudi Arabia has given an emotional farewell to a mother killed by her twin sons after she disapproved of their attempts to join a terror group.

Hundreds of mourners turned out in the Saudi capital Riyadh on Saturday evening for the funeral of Haila Al Areeni, the 67-year-old mother who was stabbed to death early on Friday at the family home. Her husband and another son, who were also stabbed by the murderers, were still being treated in hospital.

Mourners praised Haila’s qualities and character, saying that she was a dedicated mother who wanted only good things for her family, and a pious woman known for her generosity and commitments.

As the mother was laid to rest, Saudis were left looking for answers to the questions about how the 20-year-old twins, who lived in comfort and ease in a loving and caring home, and who scored well in their schools, could turn into monsters who treacherously stabbed their mother, father and older brother.

Reports in Saudi Arabia said the mother had sensed her two sons were being influenced by “deviant thoughts”, and suspected they wanted to leave the kingdom to join the Daesh terror group in combat zones.

According to the reports, the mother had told the twins that she would report them to the authorities if they kept on planning to leave the country and turn into terrorists.

On Friday, Saudi Arabia woke up to the news of the terrible drama that shook to the core nation where parents are held in the highest esteem.

“The security authorities received a call at 1:12am on Friday about an utterly heinous crime committed by Khalid and Saleh Al Areeni,” the spokesperson said. “The twins stabbed their mother, 67, father, 73, and their brother Sulaiman, 22, in their home.

“Investigations revealed that they lured their mother to the storeroom and stabbed her several times. Then, they went to the father and treacherously stabbed him before chasing their brother and stabbing him as well. They used a cleaver and sharp knives they brought from outside. The mother died on the spot and the father and brother were critically injured and were taken to a hospital.”

The twins were arrested in Delm, around 100 kilometres south west of Riyadh.

Saudi users on social media called for the death penalty for the brothers and for anyone who supports terrorism in any form.