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Saudis shop at the Panorama Mall in the capital Riyadh on May 22. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: People who don’t wear face masks or fail to adhere to social distancing rules will be fined SR1,000, the Saudi Ministry of Interior announced on Saturday.

People who refuse to be checked for temperature when entering public or private sectors buildings will also be fined SR1,000, the ministry added.

Establishments that fail to provide disinfectants and sanitisers at designated slots will be slapped with a fine of SR10,000.

Establishments that don’t sterilise shopping carts and baskets after each use or those who don’t measure the temperature of both employees and visitors at the entry points of shopping centres and malls will also face a fine of SR 10,000, the ministry further said.

Additionally, the establishments that fail to sanitise commonly used facilities will face the same fine (SR10,000).

The ministry emphasised that private sector facilities that allow people to enter their premises without wearing medical or cloth masks will incur a fine of SR10,000, adding that such fines are aimed at organising gatherings and making social distancing mandatory, as it is the leading cause of coronavirus outbreak.

It urged all members of the public to adhere to precautionary instructions, social distancing rules, and avoiding all forms of gatherings. “A maximum of 50 people will be allowed to attend family or non-family gatherings inside homes, farms, or rest areas or to be involved in social gatherings such as weddings or mourning tents,” the ministry clarified.