Manama: An Arab woman living in Saudi Arabia has inherited SR67 million and a villa one month after she married a Saudi man.

The rich businessman, whose age was not given reportedly, married the 22-year-old expatriate without informing his whole family and only his brother and a close friend witnessed the formal marriage ceremony.

He died one month later from a heart attack at the home of his new bride, Saudi news site Al Marsad reported on Monday.

However, his family initially refused to recognize the marriage on the grounds that they were not aware of it, prompting the bride to file a formal case and demand her part of the inheritance.

Her lawyer produced evidence proving the marriage did take place and called in the husband’s brother and friend to support the claim.

A court in the Red Sea city of Jeddah heard the case and ruled in favour of the wife whose nationality was not mentioned.

Reactions by online users varied from total support for the wife’s rights in line with the Islamic principles to outright statements of envy.