Al Ula
Image Credit: Supplied/Explore AlUla

Abu Dhabi: "Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries share the same destiny," this is a phrase followed by the UAE in words and actions from the first GCC summit held on Monday, May 25, 1981, to the 41st GCC Summit held in Al Ula, Saudi Arabia.

The UAE still believes that GCC countries share the same destiny, as the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan always aimed to achieve their unity and solidarity until his efforts were crowned by the establishment of the GCC in Abu Dhabi.

Al Ula, which is a historic destination that portrays the rich heritage of the Gulf, is hosting the summit, reflecting the hopes and aspirations of the people of GCC and Arab countries for a prosperous future. The summit is also being held amidst the numerous challenges facing the entire world due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the unprecedented threats to the region, which hinder its efforts to achieve sustainable development.

The UAE’s leadership has prioritised the work to strengthen the ties between GCC countries, to coordinate the efforts to solve common issues and challenges, in addition to unifying the joint GCC action system, to reinforce the foundations of security and stability in the region, as well as counter extremism, terrorism, violence and hate.

These related efforts highlight the fact that the GCC’s unity and ensuring joint action have become future priorities.

Therefore, the summit’s outcomes will constitute a roadmap for this journey of cooperation, which has continued for four decades and succeeded in overcoming many obstacles and challenges.

Today, the theme, "The Solution is in Riyadh," represents a concrete reality to the entire world, in which the leading role of Saudi Arabia in the Arab region and the GCC has become clear while the GCC has become closer more than ever.

From Al Ula, we foresee a breakthrough in the GCC’s journey, like in the first summit in Abu Dhabi in 1981.