200924 Saudi cycling tour
Participants in the Our History Musk cycling tour to mark Saudi Arabia's National Day. Image Credit: Okaz

Abu Dhabi: Marking Saudi Arabia’s 90th National Day, the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Foundation launched the Our History Musk event, a cycling tour to introduce the historical sites and ancient paths taken by the founding King Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman during and after the conquest of Riyadh.

On Wednesday, the participants embarked on a long-distance cycling tour, from four prominent landmarks in Riyadh which have significance in Saudi history, namely: Al Manakh Park, Diriyah, Jabal Abu Makhrouk, the Red Palace, and Al Masmak Palace.

The cyclists’ final destination was Al Masmak, the fort which became a focal point in the history of the Arabian peninsula when it was stormed by the Kingdom’s founder, King Abdul Aziz bin Saud, in 1902.

Now the magnificent citadel is home to a museum that has become an important historical destination.

“Masmak” in Arabic means high, fortified, thick and huge — important qualities for a fort that witnessed King Abdul Aziz’s initiatives in consolidating the kingdom.

It is an important milestone in the history of Saudi Arabia, depicting the struggles and efforts exerted by King Abdul Aziz to unite this great entity.

The museum contains photographs, maps, models, display cabinets, old weapons, heritage objects, and exhibition and audiovisual halls.

Masmak Fort is a tourist favorite and a must-visit destination in the Saudi capital. Many of the Kingdom’s most important historical artifacts are found here.

The fort has become virtually an official symbol of the rise of the Saudi nation, capturing the feel of old Arabia and the struggle that led to the modern Saudi state.