Manama: Saudi authorities have arrested 44 terror suspects over nine days in several areas of the kingdom.

The suspects, arrested without any serious armed resistance, included 33 Saudis. The others were from Yemen, Pakistan, Sudan, Palestine and Afghanistan, security sources told Saudi daily Al Jazeera.

The arrests took the number of suspects detained by the Saudi authorities in cases related to terrorism to 4,350 from 42 nationalities.

The figure includes 1,650 suspects with links to the terror group Daesh, the daily added.

The Daesh suspects, arrested in the last nine months, are mainly young people and include 450 expatriates from 29 nationalities.

Saudi Arabia has been waging a relentless fight against terrorists and extremists promoting fanatic ideologies under religious guises.

In June, it announced the arrest of 34 suspects who included a Chinese national, the first man from China to be held on terrorism charges in the kingdom.

The suspects were arrested as the Saudi authorities conducted manhunt operations between June 11 and June 14.

Most of the suspects were Saudi nationals, but the list also included one Yemeni and one Palestinian.