Dubai: Falsehoods and inconsistencies have marred Doha’s case at the International Court of Case (ICJ) against an Arab quartet’s boycott, UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr Anwar Gargash said on Wednesday.

“Qatar’s pleading at the ICJ today has suffered from the forgery phenomenon by Qatar’s National Committee for Human Rights of documents and reports related to visits by foreign delegations,” Gargash tweeted.

“The Qatari defence also was at a loss to explain the government’s deliberate blocking of the site designated for receiving requests by Qatari citizens to visit the UAE. How can you claim that your citizens’ rights are violated while you deny them access to websites that guarantee their freedom to travel?” he added. Gargash warned that such allegations will “not save” Qatar from “drowning” as the tiny Gulf emirate is increasingly suffering from consequences of the boycott.

In June 2017, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt broke off diplomatic and transportation links with Qatar over its support for terrorist groups. Qatar has repeatedly alleged that the boycott has infringed its citizens’ rights and filed legal complaints at international agencies.