Yemeni troops raise the national flag over a liberated mountain in Saada. Yemen’s army and allied resistance fighters have pushed forward on several fronts around the Al Houthi bastion. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A Qatari national, believed to be an intelligence officer, was arrested by Yemeni authorities as he was about to leave for neighbouring Oman.

He was held on suspicions that he was providing support to the Al Houthi militias fighting the legitimate government in the country, media reports said.

Border crossing checkpoint 

The authorities named the suspect as Mohsen Al Karbi and said that he was on his way out of Yemen through Shan in the Mahra Governorate, the border crossing checkpoint between Yemen and Oman.

Yemeni sources said that Al Karbi was a major in the Qatari intelligence and that he operated as a coordinator between the Houthi militia and Qatar.

Arrest confirmed

Doha confirmed the arrest through a statement issued by the National Human Rights Committee (NHRC).

Al Karbi was arrested on April 21 as he was on his way to visit relatives in Yemen, the statement said.

Influence leaders

Officials loyal to Yemen’s former president Ali Abdullah Saleh in December said that they had arrested a Qatari intelligence office, Mohammad Al Otaibi, as he was attempted to influence leaders of the Popular Congress Party to support the Houthi militias and reconsider their decision to break up the partnership between Saleh and Al Houthis.